We are bottled water suppliers in Harare , Zimbabwe and we also offer  water purification services . Founded in 2022 , we aim not only to provide bottled water supply and water purification service but also to  be a pillar in the community . Our plans are to help communities in Harare and around Zimbabwe ease  water challenges and eradicate water-borne diseases . Learn more about our services . 

OUR team

Bottled Water Technology Prototype

Our team is made up of vibrant and solution oriented individuals who are well informed of the water challenges in Zimbabwe which motivated us to come together and address them . We offer our own unique innovative  technology which separates us from the  rest of the purified water suppliers out there which has earned us a spot at the 2022/23 Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize for Engineering innovation . 

A little about our innovation....

Our technology makes use of IoT for real time monitoring and control of water quality parameters  at every stage in line with the World  Health Organization standards . A water treatment system which ensures 100% efficiency and 100% product quality all of the time .  Get in touch with us if you are interested in purchasing our product . 

OUR vision

To be the best  provider of  reliable smart water solutions for water quality monitoring and control in Africa by 2030  .

Bottled water purification plant


To provide clean drinking water and reduce the mortality rate from   water borne diseases 

Water in container delivery



Exceptional quality is always part of our every process


We foster an environment for collaboration and communication


We pride ourselves on being an organization that stands for honour