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Water Delivery and Purification Operations in Harare

Offering water delivery services in Harare  Aqua Solutions (Pvt) Ltd  is concerned with  addressing Africa’s water quality and quantity crisis . We seek to achieve this through business and potential  projects . It was founded in 2022 to help with the supply of water in Harare in addition to the pursuit of complete eradication of water borne diseases . Part of what stands out for the company and makes it great  is that  the team is made up of passionate, innovative and vibrant individuals . Not only do we deliver water in Harare for our clients  , we also provide bottled water plus sell and install water purification technology . Our aim is to go beyond just delivering water in Harare but to also work with other partners and help improve access to clean water for the rest of Zimbabwe.

WATER delivery services Business HARARE

Our business is concerned with water delivery services Harare among others . In addition to  water supply services in Harare  we provide water purification technology for domestic and commercial use . We also sell bottled water plus dispense water to Harare communities at our facilities  for  affordable prices . 


We deliver water in Harare and provide other water services basing on our smart water technology .  But what is smart water technology ? Our smart water technology innovation monitors and controls  water quality in real time using Internet of Things putting us in a league of our  own . You might ask what is so special about our smart water technology , well we have outlined some of the points  for you in the paragraphs below :

1. Our systems  are set to monitor and control water quality in line with the World Health Organization’s(W.H.O) parameters and standards. 

2. Unlike the water purification technologies already in abundant existence , with   our systems it is not simply a matter of introducing water at the beginning of the process and hoping for the best result at the end . Our systems   monitor water  quality at every stage of the process so that  necessary control is taken before we even get the output . 

3. Ability to monitor the water quality parameters in real time from an interface  on devices like mobile phones or computers just to make sure .

With innovation like this which guarantees 100% water quality 100% of the time , why wait to have your water delivered by us in Harare . Get in touch with us now . 

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Aqua Solutions water company Harare is a strong supporter of clean water and sanitation in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) to empower and improve quality of life .  Water is an important part of our day to day lives as such clean water and proper sanitation are key to improving quality of life for people . 

We offer water delivery services  Harare  whether it be for domestic  or commercial purposes .Do you need purified water delivered  to you ,  need to purify your home , office , work place water supply or you need bottled water you can trust ? If so , then we are your providers of choice for water services . 

We offer independent smart water purification technology for your borehole , municipality supplied water . We also offer installation services for the smart water technology . Our water purification technology ensures that those who make use of it or drink water produced by it are protected 100% from any sort of water borne illnesses . We believe with increased uptake of our services by consumers we can go a long way in making  water borne diseases a thing of the past in Zimbabwe .  

Communities where our water purification plants are based can also benefit from our dispensing services were they can come with their containers and collect water for home use at affordable prices . 

Join us at Aqua Solutions where we are more than just a water delivery service!!! 

customer testimonials

Here is what some of our water delivery activities' clients in Harare have to say

“The kind of water technology Harare if not Zimbabwe needs .”

“This will go a long way in helping with the water borne diseases Harare is prone to .”

“I find this water purification system very useful considering the unreliability of the quality of water that has been supplied by the municipality   .”

” Great customer service .”

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